Wild Flower – A Philippine Classic TV Series

Filipino television is launching and producing TV series of different genre from decades now. Some of them are hits and we sure have watched one of the Philippines TV series. You can find genre of those TV series related to romance, comedy, horror, adventure and so many more. This review; is basically a review of one of the best classical Philippine TV series ‘Wild Flower.

Wild Flower is basically a TV series by Filipino television of 2017. This TV series is all about family and a girl who had to seek revenge for her. Wild Flower has launched a total of 3 seasons and 192 episodes. It is still on air and if you want to watch the Wild Flower or catch all those episodes that you have missed, you can easily watch them by logging in on Pinoy Tv. Pinoy TV is an online website from where you can stream all the Filipino television content. Like the Pinoy TV shows, movies, daily soaps, lambingan TV Series and morning shows. To watch your Philippine drama, you just have to open up the Pinoy website, search for your drama and enjoy it.


The Philippine Wild Flower is a Philippine TV series that went hit just when it aired for the first time. The Wild Flower is based on Cruz family who are nice and kind hearted people. Lily Cruz was the daughter of Camia, who was a school teacher and Dante. Dante was a public attorney.  Because of a case and threats, the Cruz family decided to move to Poblacion Ardiente; which is a small town and they sat up a day care there. Because of that, Lily had made so many friends including Diego Ardiente.

Wildflower Drama Trailer – YouTube

Diego Ardiente was the youngest son of the Ardiente family, that family was powerful under the congress of Emilia and his father. Emilia is married to a business man Raul, who was already accused of many rape charges from the start.

They were all living in happy until one day when Lily’s father Dante died of a sudden serve heart attack after finding out that her mother, Camia has been raped. Lily’s life shattered at that moment and that 9 year old girl had nowhere to go. Lily was legally adopted by Prianka. Prianka was a kind lady who taught Lily to be strong and independent. After Prianka died, all her will went to Lily. She then had to seek revenge for the death of her parents from the Ardiente’s family.

Philippine Classic Wild Flower
Philippine Classic Wild Flower Drama Serial

She plays smart and changes her identity when she went back to Poblacion Ardiente. Lily introduces herself as Ivy Augas. Ivy went back with Diego and start mixing up with Emilia and Raul. She has made her plans to crash the powerful Ardiente family down by exposing them and by breaking their political fans.

Ivy aka Lily had to face many challenges so she can succeed in her revenge plan. To catch up on this classical Filipino TV series, log in now on Pinoy TV.